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Who is this Jesus

Posted by bethlehemlutheran on January 3, 2012 at 10:10 PM

With the celebration of Epiphany this Friday, we in the church continue to ask an important question, “Jesus, who are you?” Throughout Advent and Christmas we have heard answers—God’s son born of a young woman, a light in the darkness, the expected one, the messiah or anointed one, savior of the nations.

As he grew into adulthood and prepared for his public ministry, Jesus, himself, needed to be clear about his identity. At his baptism at the age of about 30, he is given the answer in dramatic fashion, leaving no doubt in his mind as a voice from heaven declares him God’s son, and the Spirit settles on him like a dove. He would still need forty days in the desert to sort it all out, but from that time on, his understanding of who he was would never be shaken.

God’s peace,

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